What's a widget?

Widgets are tools that let you organize and display your content. You can drag and drop most widgets right onto your page – no design skills required!


Where to find a widget

First create a page or choose a page to work on. In the upper right corner, choose a widget category – either Content or Layout. Then drag a widget from the right column onto the page.


Editable widgets vs. content type widgets

Within Content widgets, there are two categories:


Sitefinity editable widget

Editable widgets have a pencil icon. These are good widgets for content that you only intend to appear on this particular page (and will not be reused on other pages of your site). Perfect for features and announcements. Just drag the widget from the right column onto your page and choose Create Content or click in widget to add content.


Sitefinity content type widget

Content type widgets have a pancakes icon. These widgets draw from content you've already created, allowing you to easily post the same "reusable" content on multiple pages. Perfect for events, bylines and FAQs. First, go to the Content tab on the dashboard and upload or create content. Then, drag a widget from the right column onto the page and choose Edit to select what content you want to display and how you want it to display.

Customizing a widget

Some widgets – like FAQ and events – have multiple display options. Once you've dropped a widget on the page, choose Edit. The Content tab is where you select your content. The List settings tab is where you choose the display.