Where to Start with Creative Wellness

Presented by James Sawyer, Assistant Director of Marketing & Communication, Wellness & Recreation Services

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When thinking about overall health, many may not view creativity as a key component. However, it’s good practice to view creativity as an element to your overall “wellness”, the same way you view eating healthy and exercising. Creativity, healthy eating, and regular exercise should all be continuously maintained. Like any new habit, engaging in creative outlets can be difficult at first to build into a regular routine. However, the benefits received from regular creative expression provide for a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. 

The best way to approach Creative Wellness is understanding that it will look different for everyone and can be practiced in all kinds of ways. When beginning to practice Creative Wellness, think of activities you are passionate about, experiences that help you escape, or a new hobby you are interested in trying out. What activities can you become fully immersed in? When time flies because you are fully focused on something you enjoy, you’ve entered a state of flow. Finding the right way to personally engage creatively can feel overwhelming at first. For me, I find my escape in going on hikes and capturing moments through photography. However, on a more regular basis, I love searching for new vegetarian recipes and then spending time in the kitchen cooking them. I’ve identified multiple ways to express myself creatively that I can weave into my day-to-day life. What are some ways you can engage creativity?

A few ideas to consider:

  • Painting Colorado landscapes as the seasons' change
  • Woodworking to create personalized gifts for family and friends
  • Dusting off an old instrument
  • Writing poetry or short stories
  • Decorating to create a personal space that makes you feel at home

The key to improving your Creative Wellness is making the effort to do something creative every day no matter how small. A small act of creativity could mean noticing the patterns in a leaf or snowflake or finding colors that inspire you. There is no pressure to make a finished piece of art or write a perfect poem. Just a little something that takes your mind away to that creative place.

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