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Service Accounts

Category: Email IT Professionals OIT - Categories OIT - Type of software Productivity and Business Audience: Faculty Staff
This service is provided to create a service account for a generic Active Directory account (IIS, e-mail, etc). *Need to be on VPN or campus network to access the request assistance link below.
Request Assistance

Use a university computer on the campus network, or VPN in through Global Protect to access the request form. 

Log in using your university credentials. Once logged in, select "Request a Service Account" from the menu options on the page. You can review the details and choose between submitting a request and requesting for others. 

Submitting a request will automatically populate your user details.

If you are submitting for others, choosing that option will take you to a search screen where you will enter in the name and details of the person you are submitting for. Be sure to review all information and choose the correct person from the populated list. If you do not see the user you are attempting to submit a request for, please contact OIT Computing Infrastructure using the email provided on that screen. 

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