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Formstack is a very flexible form building and data collection tool that can be used to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. There are three main areas of Formstack: 

  1. Form Builder: Select different types of fields and menus to design your form
  2. Form Settings: Configure everything from notification emails to approval workflows and form security
  3. Submissions Database: View, edit, export or manipulate the data which has been submitted via your form

In order to request a Formstack account, please contact the OIT Service Desk.

New information regarding confidentiality, integrity, and availability of confidential and highly confidential data

To ensure full compliance with HIPAA requirements, beginning 2021, Qualtrics has been identified as the software provider for protected data. Formstack will not be discontinued and any form that does not collect protected data can remain in Formstack. 

All new forms that collect protected information will be required to reside in Qualtrics instead of Formstack. If you have protected information in a Formstack form, please transition those forms to Qualtrics by December 1, 2020. All CU faculty, students and staff have access to Qualtrics at no cost. You can access your account through the UCDAccess portal or directly through the Qualtrics link. 

Following, is what you can do now to get ahead of this required change by December 31, 2020:

  • Recreate your forms containing protected data now–you don’t need to wait (Formstack forms cannot be imported into Qualtrics). The benefits of moving your forms to Qualtrics include a broader range of question types, robust reporting capabilities, and no limit to the number of forms that can be stored.
  • Export your current Formstack data to a secure location and delete all protected data from Formstack. When agreements are in place, you will no longer be able to store this data in Formstack.

Thank you for your partnership in keeping CU faculty, staff, student and patient data stored in a compliant manner with personal data security regulations.