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LEAP Program

Lead, Emerge, and Advance with Purpose​ (LEAP)

LEAP into social change.

Have you ever been told that you have leadership potential? Are you currently in a leadership position and feel that you need to know more about yourself and the process of leadership to be effective?

The LEAP Program may be the perfect fit for you! This 11-week leadership short course is on the Social Change Model of Leadership. In this program you'll meet like-minded people and hopefully create some new friendships as you learn to be a great leader.   

Class​ Sessions & Topics

Students must complete 8 of the 9 starred (*) workshops to complete the program

Session 1 – Program Expectations and Relationship Building

Session 2 – What is Socially Responsible Leadership? Social Change Model Overview *

Session 3 – Consciousness of Self: Who am I as a leader? *

Session 4 – Congruence: What do I value as a leader? *

Session 5 – Commitment: What am I motivated enough to commit to as a leader? *

Session 6 – Collaboration: How do I work well with others so we can create change? *

Session 7 – Common Purpose: How do I get a team to rally around one great idea? *

Session 8 – Controversy with Civility: How do a manage conflict with respect? *

Session 9 –  Citizenship: Who do I serve as a leader? *

Session 10 – Change: What change am I trying to create through my leadership efforts? *

Session 11 – Wrap Up and Project


  • The LEAP Program takes place each Fall and Spring semester on Tuesdays from 3:30-5 pm and is taught by Student Life staff members. 
  • Please note that this program traditionally includes an additional 3-hour volunteering commitment with the Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR) or a fundraiser to benefit the FBR if the LEAP program is running virtually due to COVID-19.
  • LEAP will meet in room 640 of the Tivoli Student Union (Fall 2021).  You can reach this room by taking the elevator across from the Tivoli Brewery & Restaurant.

See What Our Participants Said About LEAP:

"Thank you very much for this helpful and beautiful class. I learned a lot, this class helped me speak up [and feel] more comfortable in a group discussions. It also helped me to know more about me as a person and as a leader." Fall 2020 Participant
“I really enjoyed being a part of the LEAP program. I loved that we formed our own community and worked together on our fundraiser. I also learned a lot about my own leadership style and ways that I can improve it.” Fall 2020 Participant
“Thank you so much for this opportunity. I have really enjoyed everything I have learned and the opportunity to apply my new knowledge to my leadership position. I wish this was a year-long course so that I didn't have to stop meeting with everyone. I hope we can all stay connected! Thank you again!” Fall 2020 Participant
“This LEAP Program has been a highlight in my stressful schedule. I found this class to be very insightful and helped me grow in many ways.” Fall 2020 Participant