Did you know that in 2016, 68% of eligible CU Denver students were registered to vote? That is 17.6% percent above the national average for college students! Colorado also ranked 3rd in the country for youth voters during the 2020 national elections.  Our office helps CU Denver students navigate elections through informative events, resource sharing, and promoting voter-friendly practices.

There’s more to elections than the presidential race! Contrary what you might see in the news, elections happen every year and they are your chance to weigh in on what is going on in your community! Here are just a few times during your college experience that you will be asked to vote:

  • CU Denver Student Government Elections, every April, open to ALL registered CU Denver students, regardless of citizenship or residency status. CU Denver SGA helps the university make decisions on your student life fee, advises on university and academic policy, and champion issues facing the student body. Wish there were more concerts on campus or have an idea about improving the student experience? Bring it up to your SGA representatives!
  • Municipal/Local Elections, every year, open to individuals registered to vote within a particular city or county. Local elections help decide matters such as mayors, city council members, and local matters such as zoning regulations and local taxes. Frustrated with the conditions of the roads in your town or that a particular breed of dog is not allowed in your city? These are issues to take up with your local elected officials!
  • State & Federal Elections, every two years, open to voters registered within that state. There are both state-wide representatives and senators as well as federal representatives and senators with various cycles of when elections will be held. These seats typically help drive overall statewide or federal policies, including funding for colleges and universities, civil infrastructure, and regulations. Are you worried about the impact of natural resource conservation or the funding levels of K-12 education? These are topics where your state and federal representatives have an impact, among many others.
  • Presidential Elections, every 4 years, open to all registered voters. Presidential elections typically include ballot questions for state, federal, and local offices, as well as ballot measures for local and state matters, in addition to asking you who you want to be president of the United States.

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Participation in local, state, and federal elections is an ongoing commitment and benefits when citizens are informed of their rights, the issues, and have access to nonpartisan elections information. Check out these links to help inform yourself and make the decisions that align with your values and priorities.

Ballotpedia  a digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Their goal is to inform people about politics by providing accurate and objective information about politics at all levels of government.

Campus Elections Engagement Project (CEEP)  a national nonpartisan project that helps administrators, faculty, staff and student leaders at America’s colleges and universities engage students in federal, state and local elections, working to promote a more equitable and inclusive democracy, and to overcome the ever-changing barriers to voting faced by college students.

Colorado Sun a journalist owned, online publication covering issues across Colorado, including nonpartisan elections coverage.

Voter Registration, the most reliable place for voter registration information is from the Secretary of State office for the state you are curious about; for Colorado, check out to learn about requirements, dates and deadlines, election security, and a wealth of other resources.

Voter Engagement Spotlight

Voter Friendly Campus Seal

CU Denver participates in the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge ( and achieved, with our Metropolitan State University of Denver and Community College of Denver campus partners, the designation as a Voter Friendly Campus ( through NASPA and the American Democracy Project.

Are you passionate about helping turn out the vote with college students or ways we can be a more voter-friendly campus?  Email us at, subject line Voter Engagement, and we can help connect you with great opportunities to get more involved!