LEAD Workshops

Leadership, Exploration, and Development

The Student Life & Campus Community LEAD Workshop series offers 25 different leadership workshops, including five on-demand workshops viewable now on the Student Life YouTube Channel

Twenty additional workshops will be offered during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

Check back in August for workshop descriptions and registration information.

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How to Adult
Is adulting really as boring as just learning how to manage your money, doing your laundry, and learning how to cook? If that’s all it is, no wonder society has turned it into a meme! Adulting is not supposed to be boring – it’s about learning to take care of every change or problem as an opportunity to grow.  It’s knowing yourself and your values as you navigate life’s challenges. Come and discover who you are becoming!   
Presenters: Amy Huff & Megan Rankin– Career Center

Managing Change
How exactly do you create change and lead a group through the change process? Students participating in this workshop will learn about Kotter's 8 Step Process for Leading Change.  You will learn what is at the heart of creating a climate for change, engaging and enabling your peers or teammates and lastly how to implement and sustain change.
​Presenters: Megan Rankin & Rick Villarreal – Career Center

Listening Skills for Leaders
In today’s stressful world, it is important to learn to listen deeply to team members when needed.  As a leader, you will need to learn how to identify when members may need assistance / support to effectively accomplish group goals.  This workshop will introduce you to the Helping Skills Model and effective listening skills you can use in student organizations and the workplace.  ​​​​​Presenters: Tierza Watts & Courtney Kristan – Student Life

Conflict Management​
Conflict is an inevitable part of working in groups and how you manage it impacts your teams success. This workshop gives you an opportunity to learn about your default conflict management style, and learn how to manage controversy with civility as a leader.  Find out if you are classified as a teddy bear, shark, turtle, owl or a fox.  Participants will engage in activities that will help you focus on how to handle your next conflict.     
Presenters: Tierza Watts & Courtney Kristan – Student Life

Decision Making
Decisions, decisions, decisions ... we make them all day long but can find them difficult when the stakes are high (relationships, work, involvement, time commitments, etc.)  It’s important to address the things that block our decision making thought process and find a method of decision making that works best for us.  In this workshop, you will learn about personal decision-making steps and learn about three decision-making models you can use in groups / student organizations to diagnose and discuss a problem before making a decision.
Presenters: Tierza Watts & Courtney Kristan - Student Life