Leaders & Advisors

Student Organization Leaders

Being a student organization officer gives you the opportunity to practice your leadership skills and learn new ones while directing an awesome group of students with a common purpose. Leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking/problem-solving are all part of an officer’s job. They’re also among the competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as ones employers are seeking, giving you a leg up on the competition. Check out our leadership resources to prep for your role and grow your skills.

Manage an Organization

Leading an organization requires a lot of coordination! We have all the resources you need to make sure your organization is successful at CU Denver. 

Student organization officers are responsible for reading, understanding, and operating in alignment with the below University policies and Student Life documents:

Other Resources:

  • 2020-2021 Organization Officer Training: organization President, Vice President, and Treasurer are all required to take this training annually
  • Finance and Funding Committee Resource Guide: guide to apply for funding from Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Finance 101: Tutorial on how to request funding from SGA or from your speedtype
  • Event Advising Form: Our University Events office provides advising for any student around planning events on campus. Submit this form 3 weeks in advance and the team will work with you on creating the best event!
  • Officer or Advisor Update Form: use this form when you have a change in officers or advisors outside of the April registration period.
  • Political Activity Guidelines: please reference these guidelines if your organization is planning activities around politics
  • Coaching Appointments: Having an issue with your organization that you would like some help with? From members not showing up to meetings to interpersonal conflict, sign up for a coaching appointment with our Coordinator for Student Organizations! You can address any topic you wish.

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Email us at studentorgs@ucdenver.edu with any questions or to request a meeting!

Advisor Resources

Being a student organization advisor is both rewarding and challenging. We are here to provide you with resources to tackle this impactful experience!

All organizations are required to have at least one faculty/staff advisor. An advisor is defined as a full-time CU Denver employee, faculty, staff, or administrator. Advisors play a key role in the development of an organization and its individual members. Prior to agreeing to be an advisor, we recommend you determine the role and time commitment required.

The day-to-day operations of the organization should remain the responsibility of the officers/members, not the advisor. An advisor's main purpose is to provide guidance, assistance and mentorship for the organization.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with the organization's constitution/by-laws
  • Attend at least one of the organization's regular meetings or regularly meet with the organization's officers
  • Obtain information of events, programs, meetings and activities from the organization involving potential liability
  • Assist with the development of meeting agendas, feedback and goal-setting
  • Nurture and develop the students' leadership skills
  • Model professional attitude and behavior
  • Provide continuity for the organization
  • Provide suggestions that lead to positive outcomes
  • Be an advocate for student concerns
  • Have a general knowledge of policies, regulations and laws which are relevant to student organizations
  • Be present at after hour events that the organization holds, or designate an alternate staff/faculty member to be present

Advisor Resources

  • COMING FALL 2020: Student Organization Advisor Training
  • Coaching Appointments: Looking for some advice on how to become a better organization advisor? Want to get a better understanding of our processes and procedures? Schedule a meeting with our Coordinator for Student Organizations