Student Organization Advisors Resources

Being a student organization advisor is both rewarding and challenging. We are here to provide you with resources to tackle this impactful experience!

All organizations are required to have at least one faculty/staff advisor. An advisor is defined as a full-time CU Denver employee, faculty, staff, or administrator. Advisors play a key role in the development of an organization and its individual members. Prior to agreeing to be an advisor, we recommend you determine the role and time commitment required.

The day-to-day operations of the organization should remain the responsibility of the officers/members, not the advisor. An advisor's main purpose is to provide guidance, assistance, and mentorship for the organization.

Advisor Responsibilities

  • Be familiar with the organization's constitution/by-laws
  • Attend at least one of the organization's regular meetings or regularly meet with the organization's officers
  • Obtain information of events, programs, meetings, and activities from the organization involving potential liability
  • Assist with the development of meeting agendas, feedback, and goal-setting
  • Nurture and develop the students' leadership skills
  • Model professional attitude and behavior
  • Provide continuity for the organization
  • Provide suggestions that lead to positive outcomes
  • Be an advocate for student concerns
  • Have a general knowledge of policies, regulations, and laws which are relevant to student organizations
  • Be present at after-hour events that the organization holds, or designate an alternate staff/faculty member to be present

Advisor Resources

  • Student Organization Advisor Manual: A quick reference guide for advisors for responsibilities and resources.
  • Student Organization Manual - 23-24: This manual is the central document for the student organization program.
  • Student Organization Advisor Training (Canvas Course - Check your portal and email if you don't see it)
  • Looking for some advice on how to become a better organization advisor? Want to get a better understanding of our processes and procedures? Schedule a meeting with our Assistant Director for Student Organizations Addison Lemons.

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