Manage an Organization

Leading an organization requires a lot of coordination! We have all the resources you need to make sure your organization is successful at CU Denver. 

Policy / Guidance / Manual:  Student organization officers are responsible for reading, understanding, and operating in alignment with the below University policies and Student Life documents:

Other Resources:

  • Coaching Appointments Presidents of organizations are required to attend a meeting with a professional staff member of the Student Life Team. These are meetings that allow Presidents to update on the status of their organization and gain helpful tips and insight for a successful year.

Financial Activity & Banking:

  • Student Organization Finance Chart
  • 23-24 SGA Funding Guidelines: guide for affiliated organizations to apply for funding from SGA.
  • Finance Appointments: Affiliated student organizations are welcome to schedule a meeting with our Procurement Coordinator to 1) discuss purchases you may want to make with your speedtype and 2) initiating financial activity to establish a speedtype.  Any student organization may schedule a meeting to discuss other financial question.
  • Associated Student Organization Finance Guide:  CU Denver's current student organization policy (7029) requires that associated student organizations bank off campus.  Review this document to learn more.  Schedule an appointment with our Procurement Coordinator if you need assistance.

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