Strategic Planning

OIT began revising our strategic plan in 2019 to support the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus missions and visions. This dedicated effort was necessary as our campuses will fundamentally benefit from OIT having a well-defined strategic plan, guided by campus-level principles and input. OIT serves to advance the university mission by providing innovative technology services and solutions to the University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus, our constituents and partners.

Determining “why we do the things we do” helps focus OIT on our mission, vision, and principles in ways that will engage our constituents and benefit students. The strategic planning committee facilitated cross-campus input sessions and workshops with our constituent partners - a process that was essential to creating technology services and solutions essential to university success.

This collaborative process resulted in the strategic directions you will see in each campus' one-page executive summary. In support of these strategic directions, OIT will focus on: 

  • portfolio management to better prioritize projects as well as technical and financial resources; and,
  • supporting a hybrid campus for remote and on-campus learning and working

Campuswide OIT Strategic Directions

Strategic directions based on OIT's core principles of SPLICE - service, professionalism, leadership, innovation, community, and excellence:

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Build Connections

Advance the service OIT provides by building connections to expand customer partnerships and improve access to services through trusted navigators.

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Maximize the Value of the IT Investment

Display professionalism by maximizing the value of IT investments to reach campus, school, and department outcomes.

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Re-Establish Effective IT Governance

Exhibit leadership by re-establishing an effective IT governance structure and actively engaging with campus constituents to ensure IT projects and programs support the mission of the university.

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Collaborative Transformation

Encourage innovation through collaborative transformation, seek improvement opportunities, maximize service offerings, and pursue creative projects.

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Align Technology Investment and Outcomes

Actively engage with the campus community to grow trust, improve communication, and ensure technology investments are aligned with campus priorities. 

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Expand Organizational Maturity

Grow in excellence by further developing organizational maturity through increased efficiency, clear processes, current documentation, and reliable services.