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Question 15

In this course, I was encouraged to:


 Connect, synthesize and/or transform ideas into a new form


 Create developmental outcomes and assignments which build from foundational to higher order thinking.


 Build student understanding about their learning strengths and preferences.

  • In its simplest sense, decision-making is the act of choosing between two or more courses of action. In the wider process of problem-solving, decision-making involves choosing between possible solutions to a problem. Take a shortquiz to assess your current decision-making practices, and learn more about how you can improve while also helping your students. 
  • The Classroom Critical Incident Questionnaire (CIQ) is an evaluative tool that allows instructors to receive quick feedback from students on course content and instruction. The CIQ helps instructors make decisions about their teaching and students’ learning. Use the CIQ to help students reflect on their learning preferences and habits.
  • Encourage students to maximize the benefits of UC Denver’s Career Center. Our Career Center offers a lot for students to explore their strengths in terms of self, learning, interests, majors, careers, and muchmore. ​

 Plan for opportunities to strengthen students critical thinking skills.

Plan for opportunities to strengthen students critical thinking  skills.  


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