Support Student Learning

Learning strategies can help our students succeed. Many times, students are unprepared for the rigorous amounts of work and information expected in college courses so when they sit down in the classroom, they aren't even sure where to begin the learning process. In the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, we focus on learning-centered teaching strategies to help students learn, and faculty teach.  By ensuring our students know how to learn, we can better prepare our students for success. 

If you've ever wanted your students to learn more deeply and achieve more success, students must learn how to learn. If you've been frustrated by students who seem unmotivated and disengaged, we want to help prepare you with the best practices to do so. 

People arms around each other: sign of belonging

The Simple Power of Names

NameCoach is a game-changer for making our students feel a sense of belonging in our courses. It will support students' learning in ways we never imagined, and support their motivation to learn. NameCoach is "Accurate audio name pronunciations the tools you use, to promote respect, inclusion, and belonging in every interaction" (NameCoach, 2021)  and is fully integrated into Canvas! Record your name pronunciation and ask students to do the same. 

We asked Antonio Farias, Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at CU Denver, "How will NameCoach help make our campus more inclusive?" Antonio said,  “A seasoned faculty member recently shared how welcoming it was to have their name properly pronounced for the first time in 12 years – the smile that came across their face as they told the story made it clear how one small but powerful act – pronouncing one’s name correctly – has a real and positive impact on our campus." 

Antonio went on to tell us, "imagine that [impact] times 20,000! NameCoach is that one small, deliberate action you can take that helps us live our ethos of being equity serving and acknowledging the dignity we expect of one another." Read the full version.
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Early Action: Supporting Students and Creating a Culture of Care

Communicate about student needs and ensure our students receive the support they need to succeed.

Faculty spend more time with students than anyone else on campus, making them critical for student persistence and success. Early Action is a way to provide students with needed support early in the semester. Participating in Early Action notifies our Student Success Initiatives (SSI) team to reach out to students, offer support, and connect them with campus resources. The SSI team is focused on providing holistic goal-oriented and strength-based support to students with Early Action referrals. Sometimes, students are not aware of the processes at the University, do need support with our technology, or are unsure about how to access the many academic support resources on campus. By having a one-to-one interaction through phone or email, we can better understand the students' needs and partner with them in finding a path forward for the semester

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