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  • A woman sits down at her computer while holding a mug.

    An Exciting New Tool for Access and Inclusion: Anthology Ally

    Apr 22, 2024 by Kady Katona Lia Schraeder, PhD
    Anthology Ally is a new tool in Canvas which can help support accessibility and inclusion. Here we provide a quick overview of what it does and why you might want to use it.
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  • Colorful building blocks

    New TIPS One-Stop Resource Makes it Easy to Build Your Course in Canvas

    Mar 25, 2024 by Jill Giacomini
    Learning a new technology, especially one as integral as a learning management system (LMS), can be a daunting task. "Getting Started in Canvas: Building Blocks for an Organized and Effective Course" is a new resource designed specifically to help faculty learn the basics of Canvas.
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  • Teaching with Empathy: A Key Ingredient for Student Success

    Jan 22, 2024 by Sarah North, PhD
    Demonstrating empathy to students enhances our teaching presence. It affects how we design and develop our courses, our communication and tone to students, the boundaries we set, and the focus we maintain on the learning process and students' learning success.
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  • Woman raising hand in crowded room

    A small gesture (Or why bother with DEI training)

    Dec 4, 2023 by Katherine Goodman, PhD
    In a recent conference, our CETL Director Kate Goodman noticed a pattern of a Black woman being overlooked during Q&A. Learn how she reflected on this experience and works towards increasing awareness and inclusivity.
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  • Gold stars on pink and blue background

    Inviting End-of-Semester Student Reflection

    Nov 20, 2023 by Lia Schraeder, PhD
    Reflection is widely recognized as an essential practice for learning, metacognition, and personal growth in higher education. Reflection can be integrated in our teaching anytime, but an end-of-semester reflection can be especially powerful: to help students appreciate their growth over time, to bring a meaningful conclusion to a course, and to empower students to take ownership of their learning within and beyond our courses. Student reflection can also be a valuable way to inform faculty reflection on our teaching.
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  • screen of Google analytics

    Skills Analyses: A window into the needs of employers and learners

    Nov 6, 2023 by Jeremy Lingle, PhD
    Learn how our team can collaborate with your school/college to identify specific job titles, degree levels, regions, industries, and companies of interest. Our skills analyses are a valuable tool for ensuring that academic programs are aligned with the needs of both learners and employers. Read our latest blog post, Skills Analyses: A window into the needs of employers and learners.
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  • Fake earth on grass

    Embracing Climate Action Pedagogy: Empowering Change in the Face of Climate Challenges

    Oct 23, 2023 by Jill Giacomini
    Guiding points that are fundamental for all of us to remember as we engage in this work: Start where you are Be vigilant against overwhelm Small is good; small is all
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  • Person on phone participating in Poll Everywhere poll

    Using Poll Everywhere to Increase Classroom Engagement

    Oct 9, 2023 by Amy Linville
    Learn from Kathryn Hamilton, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, how Poll Everywhere has impacted her courses and how you can use it in your classroom. Read about how she uses the popular "Competitions" feature and the integration with Canvas to improve student interaction and learning experiences.
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  • Plants in Hands in a circle of people

    The Aha! Moment and Connecting with Students: Musings from the Garden

    Sep 25, 2023 by Katherine Goodman, PhD
    When I am mulling over these things, I like to go back to basics. The Rhetorical Triangle is often used as a tool for teaching students how to make appeals to the audience, through logos, pathos, and ethos. In other words, strong, persuasive arguments use a combination of logic, emotion, and credibility to drawn in and convince an audience. (If you’re familiar with this idea, you probably have your own writing instructor to thank.)
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  • Blue stairs with orange shoes

    Small Steps to Incorporate Inclusive Pedagogy into Your Teaching ​

    Sep 11, 2023 by Jessica Critten, MA, MLIS
    Inclusive pedagogy aims to create learning environments where students of all backgrounds and identities feel valued and respected. By embracing inclusive pedagogy, educators foster a sense of belonging and honor student strengths and experiences. This approach also encourages instructors to address structural and historical inequalities that have often marginalized certain groups in education.
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  • AdobeStock_411446459

    Define, Refine and Design: A Collaborative Approach for Introducing Microcredentials to Your Learning Ecosystem

    Aug 14, 2023 by Jeremy Lingle, PhD Katie Linder, PhD Jason Drysdale, EdD
    Over this past year our team has led a collaborative and ambitious effort for micro credentials and badging on our campus. We are off to a strong start because of the contributions of our faculty, staff, and administrators including receiving national attention.
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  • Triangle image of an in-person test and a CU gold triangle with the letter

    Test Proctoring Software: Addressing Inequities and Exploring Alternative Assessments

    Jul 31, 2023 by Crystal Gasell, EdD
    Test proctoring tools have become widely used in online education but come with inherent inequities. Critically examine these tools and consider alternative assessment strategies prioritizing inclusivity, fairness, and student engagement.
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  • Pigg bank glass unicorn with coins next to it sitting on a desk

    First cohort of Change Makers completes semester to plan meaningful retirement

    Jul 17, 2023 by Anne Button
    Change Makers: How CU Denver is reimagining higher education as a place for people at the end of their primary working years. Change Maker fellows had built successful careers and honed a range of skills and talents. They came to the program ready for a change — to use those hard-earned skills in new ways, for new jobs or meaningful volunteering.
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  • Woman sitting on couch with computer open on lap.

    One Big Question: A Rewarding Reflective Exercise

    Jul 3, 2023 by Lia Schraeder, PhD
    Learn about Lia's experience with the "One Big Question" and how an ongoing reflection on this big question contributed to a shift in her approach to teaching history.
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  • Person sitting at computer looking at market intelligence data

    Market Data to Inform Program Planning Available through the Auraria Library

    Jun 19, 2023 by Jeremy Lingle, PhD K. He, MBA
    Market data can empower the university departments and colleges in making informed decisions regarding program growth, skill emphasis, microcredential programs, learner interests, and partnerships, with the support of the market intelligence team and resources from Auraria Library.
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  • Headphones and podcast room image

    3 Easy Ways to Engage with Podcasts for Teaching and Learning

    Jun 5, 2023 by Katie Linder, PhD
    Podcasts are a great resource for teaching and learning. Now that they’ve been around for a while, there are a ton of easy ways to incorporate them into your classroom content, your assignments, and your own professional development. Here are three ways to engage with podcasts as an educational tool.
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  • A close-up of a man's finger pointing at a tablet he is holding while crossing his legs and sitting beside another person.

    Fast-Track Your Use of New Teaching Techniques at the Cross Academy Website

    May 22, 2023 by Lia Schraeder, PhD
    A new resource that may help fast-track your use of research-based and effective teaching techniques is the K. Patricia Cross Academy website and related resources.
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  • A man on a laptop smiling with two other people next to him working.

    Selecting the Best Tools for your Course: A Student-Centered Approach

    Apr 24, 2023 by Jill Giacomini
    When implementing educational technology in our courses, it is easy to get distracted by the shiny object, the best new thing, the latest, and the greatest. With all the exciting and powerful tools available for teaching online and in the classroom, it can be easy to get sucked into thinking, "Hmmm...what kind of assignment can I think of that would allow me to use this tool?" Please do not fall for it! While having a list of tried-and-true digital tools you like to use in your courses is excellent, the tool itself is not the place to begin crafting an assignment.
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  • jessica-lewis-fJXv46LT7Xk-unsplash

    End of Semester Checklist

    Apr 10, 2023
    Prepare for the end of the semester with our end of the semester checklist! The list is comprised of some important tasks to complete before the semester ends and ensure you feel good about how you will end the semester.
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  • A wall of bright colorful exotic lanterns stacked above each other.

    Ramadan teaching considerations

    Mar 27, 2023
    Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar that holds significant religious and cultural importance for millions of Muslims worldwide. During this month, Muslims fast from dawn until dusk, abstaining from food, drink, and other physical desires. Ramadan can be a challenging time for Muslim students, particularly those who are far away from their families and communities.
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