Faculty Course Questionnaire

​Each semester we ask students to reflect on the classes we teach by filling out Faculty Course Questionnaires (FCQ ). In the Spring of 2018, the CU Denver Faculty Assembly approved a new set of FCQ questions that focus on course experiences and are designed to provide faculty with more meaningful feedback on their teaching practices. 
There has been much research on the efficacy of course questionnaires and the demonstrable flaws of these instruments as a tool for faculty evaluation, including the potential for bias (also see​). When used constructively and appropriately, however, FCQs can provide individual faculty members insights into the experiences of students in their classes. Data gathered from FCQs can be viewed as a type of formative feedback (rather than summative) that allows faculty to reflect on their role in creating learning experiences for students and guide their efforts at strengthening their teaching practices. 
The goal of this website is to help faculty translate course feedback gathered through the Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ) into actionable steps to improve student learning. Each of the new FCQ questions listed below is hyperlinked to a list of concrete evidence-based suggestions and resources that will support faculty in the work they do as educators.​

Watch this quick and helpful video to learn how to access your FCQ's and answer all your FCQ/Dossier questions.

Learn more about Dossiers, with the Center for Faculty Development & Advancement.


As the FCQ program moves to an online platform, instructors have voiced concerns about the possibility of lower online response rates. In an effort to address these concerns, the FCQ program has provided the 7 minute video training below, and also a list of quick tips that instructors can implement in their classes.

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Every term, students on the Boulder and Denver campuses evaluate each of their courses and instructors using a questionnaire called the Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ). The FCQ program is managed within the Office of Data Analytics at CU Boulder.

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In this course, the instructor:

In this course, I was encouraged to: