Coaching Conversation

We offer confidential, individual consultations to faculty colleagues concerning any teaching issue.  We can help you:

  • design or re-design a course or syllabus
  • identify teaching strategies aligned with your teaching and learning goals
  • generate creative ideas for assignments, projects, and classroom activities, or
  • develop assessments and rubrics to measure and provide feedback on learning.  

We can help you to troubleshoot more complex teaching problems by gathering relevant information, helping you interpret it, and working with you to generate effective solutions.  Our goal is to tailor the teaching consultation to meet your needs.

Our coaching conversations are voluntary and confidential. We do not disclose any information to other parties or departments. We do, however, document the process for your purposes, to be used as you see fit.‚Äč

Ground Rules

  • Conversations are voluntary and confidential. 
  • Designed to provide formative feedback for teaching improvement. 
  • We do not provide documentation of teaching or letters of support for Tenure/Promotion documents.

Steps in Our Process

Request a Coaching Conversation by completing registration at least two weeks in advance. In this registration form, we will ask for materials ahead of time so we can best support your needs. In this registration, you will be asked a few simple questions and are able to upload any supporting documents to best help us, help you.

Request a Coaching Conversation, here.

Meet with a CETL colleague to discuss your goal/teaching problem, etc. With the information you provided in your registration we will be able to understand and gather the resources we think can best assist you, however in this meeting you and a CETL will dig deeper into these specific goals.

Receive the feedback in your 1:1 meeting and use the feedback to make changes in your teaching. Once you meet with a CETL representative, we will provide feedback for you to implement into your classroom and teaching.

If you would like more support in your classroom after this, you can register for a Classroom Support Conversation.

Common Questions: