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Free speech is the central tenet of a free and democratic society – and vital to CU Denver’s mission. As a public urban research university deeply committed to diversity and equity, we support and encourage open, vigorous debate across the full spectrum of issues. We may not always agree, but we will work to cultivate a culture where differing views can be discerned, expressed, and challenged. - Michelle Marks, PhD, CU Denver Chancellor

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression, as guaranteed under the First Amendment, and academic freedom, as defined by the University of Colorado Laws of the Regents, while distinctly separate concepts, are central to CU Denver’s academic mission and underlie our community values of respect, civility and inclusion. This site outlines CU Denver’s steadfast commitment to freedom of expression and academic freedom and highlights relevant policies, procedures, and programs.


Free Speech at CU Denver

CU Denver’s story as a campus of the University of Colorado was firmly cemented in 1973 during a time of rapid, tumultuous change in higher education in Denver, Colorado, and the nation. As its enrollment soared, the CU Denver campus expanded beyond its original walls. Campus growth has mirrored a changing societal landscape has given way to the campus’ position as Denver’s premier public urban research institution.

CU Denver is where faculty expertise and student ingenuity and determination are matched with the know-how future leaders need to succeed. It is at the university’s front door where partnerships are formed, talent and knowledge are shared, and innovative solutions to urban challenges are advanced.

As part of that partnership and advancement, in recent years, the campus community has hosted speakers who represent differing views. As a campus community, CU Denver will continue to ensure the primacy of academic freedom and freedom of expression are upheld and the critical nature of civil discourse remains every bit as part of the community. CU Denver also steadfastly refuses to accept that any viewpoint must be given greater weight than the other. We cannot fulfill our campus purpose of transmitting, evaluating, and extending knowledge if it requires conformity with any orthodoxy of content and/or method.

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For Students

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Freedom of expression plays a valuable role in the student experience at CU Denver. We encourage you to express your own views, debate issues, get involved and make change. An active, vocal and engaged student body is a keystone of university life. For more information about ways to get involved on campus and learn about our values and student organizations visit:

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Freedom of Speech

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