Teaching Resources

Teaching has many aspects, and as faculty, we can best support our students when we understand the best teaching strategies for our diverse students with much different learning comprehension. We know that our unique and diverse student population learns differently, which is why understanding how to teach students in all modalities and forms is of the utmost importance. 

In CETL, we want to break down these teaching strategies and techniques so we can best help faculty teach our students.

Teaching is hard work, we want to make it easier for you.

Support for Teaching in New Ways

The past few years have been unlike anything we have experienced as educators. We know that our faculty need support in their teaching as it is new and different from previous years. We know that not only do our faculty need support, but our students need support unlike any other year, and by supporting our faculty we know that we can best support our students too. We care about the success of our faculty and students which is why we have put together resources to support teaching in new ways this year. 

Review our resources below and review our upcoming teaching and learning programs on our calendar page.

View our full Remote Teaching Strategies here.

Teaching in Tumultuous Times

The Center Excellence for Teaching & Learning has gathered resources to help your classroom preparations for the tumultuous times we've had in the past few years and will have as we move forward. Let's be honest - it's been difficult the past few years. Between a divisive election, national protests, wildfires, and a pandemic, we understand we all could use some support and understanding. 

We invite you to use our resources, our department, and our knowledge to support yourself and your classroom who may seek your guidance and pedagogical engagement.