Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning

We help faculty and educators become the best teacher, no matter how many years of experience.

We ensure faculty success, by working with faculty to ensure student success.

Our goal is to enhance excellence in undergraduate and graduate education through the development of faculty committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices. We promote university teaching that helps students learn, persist, succeed, and ultimately graduate.  With a strong commitment to honoring the interconnectedness of teaching and learning, we work to foster the use of evidence-based educational strategies that have been demonstrated to foster learning and improve academic outcomes for students.

Looking to design an effective virtual course? Wondering how long it takes students to do your assignments? Need assistance organizing your canvas shell? 

We created resources for faculty to best support their students, and teach you the easiest, best practices to do so. We don't want you to work harder than you have to, which is why we have gathered, created, designed, and implemented processes and information specifically for you. 

Learn more on our Course Design page.

We also have a Course Format Guide to help faculty and students make informed decisions as they choose the formats in which they teach and learn. The features of each course type are suggestions that we hope will help faculty and students envision the type of instruction that may characterize each course type.

Use the drop down boxes below to learn more about the course types, what they mean, and what it means to you.

We know teaching is crucial to student success which is why we partner with The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) to provide our faculty with the best resource for teaching their students and helping students succeed. In every ACUE course, faculty learn about and implement the teaching practices that promote student engagement, persistence, and academic success (ACUE, 2020). We now have a micro-credential and a full year-long credential course!

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We also address how teach during tumultuous times, support for teaching in new ways, teaching remote, and much more.

If you've ever want your students to learn more deeply and achieve more success, students must learn how to learn. If you've been frustrated by students who seem unmotivated and disengaged, we want to help prepare you with the best practices to do so. 

  • Blooms Taxonomy
  • Teach Your Students How to Learn
  • First Generation College Students
  • Learning Objectives

These resources can all be found here. Stay tuned as we grow these resources with support from our faculty! 

On-demand short videos that are designed to answer specific questions related to teaching and learning. They deliver actionable insights in highly focused 20-minute presentations. Each month of the academic year two videos will be featured as “must watch” resources.

Learn more about 20 Minute Mentors.

Learn more about how we offer pedagogical support for faculty. We offer two different supports for planning successful student learning.

Learn more about Coaching Conversations and Classroom Support Conversations to see which one fits your needs right now. If you're interested in both, register for the one conversation that interests you most to discuss your goals with our CETL representative. Once you complete one Conversation, you can register for another one anytime during the semester.

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1,138 Faculty

Our campus has over 1,000 faculty members and we are the most diverse research university in the state.

4,000 hours

Faculty on the Denver campus participated in more than 4,000 hours of professional development and teaching/learning courses in the 2019-2020 Academic year.

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