About Us

We support faculty with the tools necessary to become the best educator and teacher can be and ensure student success. We know student success begins with faculty success, and that's what we do, support faculty to be the best educator they can be. 

With a strong commitment to honoring the interconnectedness of teaching and learning, CETL works to foster the use of evidence-based educational strategies that have been demonstrated to foster learning and improve academic outcomes for students.  

We provide support to CU Denver faculty looking to better themselves as educators, no matter their experience level. We help lecturers in our vital core courses learn how to master their lecture hall course with hundreds of students, to assisting an expert educator in refining their syllabus to better help students.

Guiding Principles and Values

We believe...

  • faculty care deeply about student learning and want to be the best teachers they can be
  • striving for excellence in teaching is an iterative and scholarly process that spans the faculty career
  • promoting teaching and learning excellence requires a dual focus on efficacy and innovation
  • faculty welcome opportunities for cross-disciplinary conversations about teaching, learning, and professional growth
  • faculty enjoy sharing their effective, innovative teaching approaches and discovering research on teaching and learning
  • sustained learning communities and peer networks provide excellent vehicles for fostering deep reflection, innovation, and connection
  • when teaching and research are interconnected, they enrich each other

How we work:

Our individual consultations and observations are strictly confidential and are driven by the faculty member’s goals. We model effective teaching, mentoring, and learning practices in our workshops and services to maximize learning. Helping people build community is an integral part of our work. Register for one of our workshops to learn and connect with colleagues from around campus!

Meet our team:

Meet our exceptionally talented team. We are small, strong, dedicated, and passionate to help students succeed through faculty programming and support. In addition to our CETL staff, we also couldn't do our work without our dedicated Faculty Fellows and Instructional Designers.

L.H Headshot

Lindsey Hamilton, PhD


Associate Professor, Clinical Teaching Track
Ph.D. Neuroscience
B.S Neuroscience
Pronouns: she, her, hers

A.BP Headshot

Amanda Beyer-Purvis, PhD

Student Course Assistant Program Coordinator

Ph.D. History
MA Religious Studies
BA Religious Studies
Pronouns: she, her, hers

L.K Headshot

Lexie K.

Program Assistant

BA Communications
MPH, in progress
Pronouns: She, her, hers

K.K Headshot

Kiara K.

Student Assistant 

MBA Sports Business & Marketing, in progress.
Pronouns: She, her, hers