We believe you’ve got potential. The right degree can turn that potential into so much more—gain knowledge and educational experiences while preparing for your future career.

CU Denver offers challenging classes and supportive professors in a vibrant city setting. Our downtown Denver location makes us different from other colleges. It connects us with local businesses and cultural organizations. It is also convenient for students who commute to school or work nearby. Additionally, our location enables us to collaborate with Colorado companies headquartered downtown. These alliances often benefit our graduates entering the workforce.

We have an inclusive campus community that attracts students of all ages and backgrounds. With 49% first-generation college students and 42% students of color making up our student body, we are the most diverse research university in Colorado.

Explore our departments and majors to find your degree. Come visit our unique campus and meet our dedicated students. Talk to our talented professors and helpful staff. We want you to choose the best college—for you.

Key Dates & Figures

Deadlines for Undergraduate Applications

Fall: August 9, 2020

Spring: Dec. 31, 2020

Summer: May 31, 2021

Average Undergraduate Admission Scores

Average ACT: 23.2 Composite

Average SAT: 554 Math, 559 Verbal

Average GPA: 3.5

Additional Information

Get admissions requirements, application instructions, and deadline checklists by clicking on one of the categories below.

Undergraduate Admissions

For first-time, transfer, and returning students

Transfer Admissions

For students who have taken college classes at another institution, including students who have earned an associate’s degree and returning students

Online Admissions

For students who want to pursue a degree online or enroll in remote classes exclusively 

Graduate Admissions

For students who have already earned an undergraduate degree and want to enroll in a master’s or PhD program

International Admissions

For students applying from countries outside the United States

Non-Degree Admissions

For high school students, professionals looking for CEUs, lifelong learners, ESL students, and anyone who is interested in taking college classes but does not need a college degree

Certificates & Continuing Education

For professionals who want to advance their careers or learn a new skill