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Grace DeRaad
Campus Activities Coordinator

  • Email: grace.deraad@ucdenver.edu
  • Phone: 303-315-5485
  • Location: 2233 Learning Commons (Student Engagement Suite)
  • Supervises: Campus Activities student team and plans campus social events

Grace DeRaad has served as the Campus Activities Coordinator since January of 2023.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Organizational Leadership with a focus in talent development from the University of Cincinnati.  Grace serves as one of Student Life's lead event planners focusing on social and community engagement events.  She also supervises the students on the Campus Activities team.  Grace is passionate about leadership, cultural development, team building and diversity and inclusion.  Oh, and fun!  She loves to create events where students can make new friends, connections and lasting memories. Her favorite hobbies are baking and crocheting.

Kelsi Miles

Kelsi Miles Dew
Assistant Director for Student Engagement

  • Email: kelsi.miles@ucdenver.edu
  • Phone: 303.315.0303
  • Location: 301 Tivoli Student Union
  • Student Government Association (SGA) Advisor
  • Civic Engagement & Voter Education Programs

Kelsi’s passion for student belonging and transitions began when she was a student leader and during her graduate work at the University of Northern Colorado. Kelsi joined the Student Life team in November 2022 as the Assistant Director of Student Engagement. She previously worked at CU Denver in the Student Transitions & Family Engagement unit, where she was the Coordinator for the Peer Advocate Leaders (PALs) peer mentoring program. Outside work, Kelsi critically studies spaces and place-making in higher education, funding trends at federal and state levels, and exploring solutions for future generations of students and their families.

Lance Glunz

Lance Glunz
Procurement Coordinator

  • Email: lance.glunz@ucdenver.edu
  • Phone: 303.315.0200
  • Location: 303 Tivoli Student Union
  • Business Services
  • Student Organization Purchasing
Lance Glunz has served as the Student Life Procurement Coordinator since November 2017.  He supports the budgetary and operational needs of our programs. Lance also works with all of our student organization treasurers and club purchasing. He is a western Nebraska native and attended Creighton University before starting his Student Affairs career. Lance now resides in Thornton with his partner, Daniel, and two German Shepard rescues. His free time is filled with fantasy books/movies, following the Denver Nuggets, and playing volleyball. Lance also serves as the coach of the CU Denver Men’s Club Volleyball team.
Jacob Henry

Jacob Henry
Coordinator for Student Organizations

  • Email: jacob.henry@ucdenver.edu
  • Phone: 303.315.7291
  • Location: 303 Tivoli Student Union
  • Student Organizations 
  • Student Involvement Ambassadors
Jacob Henry has served as the Coordinator for Student Organizations since July 2021. Jacob earned his Master's in Higher Education & Student Affairs from Indiana University, where he served as a Graduate Advisor for Student Organizations. Jacob loves working with students and supporting them in their efforts to engage on and off-campus. Jacob has previously worked at the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Northern Colorado. He is excited to return to our great state. Jacob loves the outdoors and spending time with his family and friends.
Photo of Addison Lemons

Addison Lemons
Assistant Director for Student Organizations

  • Email: addison.lemons@ucdenver.edu
  • Phone: 303.315.3523
  • Location: 303 Tivoli Student Union
  • Student Organizations 
  • Sorority & Fraternity Life

Addison joined the Student Life team in April 2022 as the Assistant Director for Student Organizations. He previously worked at CU Denver in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Addison's passion for student involvement and leadership began during his undergraduate career when he was a member of Phi Gamma Delta and several other student organizations. He went on to pursue his Master's Degree in College Student Development at Appalachian State University and has been working in higher education ever since. Addison is a North Carolina native who has lived and worked all over the country in different student-facing higher education roles where he is passionate about helping students find their community. Outside of work, Addison loves to spend as much time as possible exploring the outdoors.

    Mark Martinez

    Mark Martinez
    Student Service Coordinator

    Mark Martinez has served as the Student Services Coordinator in Student Life since 2012.  Mark manages the campus Locker Rental program, supports our computer and technical needs, supports Student Life programs, and lastly assists students with finding campus resources. You can find him managing our Front Desk as he prides himself on being your second to last stop, if not your last stop when seeking information. Mark rides his bicycle or takes public transportation to get around, and rarely watches television shows.
    Tierza Watts

    Tierza Watts
    Director of Student Life

    • Email: tierza.watts@ucdenver.edu
    • Phone: 303.315.0775
    • Location: 303 Tivoli Student Union
    • Departmental Program Oversight
    • Leadership Programs
    • CU Denver Student Experience Curriculum
    Tierza Watts has served as the Director of Student Life since April of 2019. She is from North Carolina and has a master's degree in College Student Development Administration from Appalachian State University. She has worked in Housing and Residence Life and Student Engagement programming roles for 30 years. Tierza is passionate about assisting students to become socially responsible leaders. Tierza was a military brat (#airforce), loves to travel and make pottery, has a kitty named Nicky and enjoys camping in Colorado's great Rocky Mountains every summer.

    VACANT - Sentry Coordinator

    • Email: XXX
    • Phone 303.315.7290
    • Location: 345 Tivoli Student Union
    • Supervises The Sentry Editorial Team
    • Student Organizations Support
    • Student Life Human Resources 
    • Interim Contact: Addison Lemons

    VACANT - Coordinator for Leadership Education & Community Engagement

    • Email: XXX
    • Phone 303.315.0208
    • Location: 303 Tivoli Student Union
    • Leadership Programs
    • Community Service Programs
    • Interim Contacts: Tierza Watts (Leadership), Kelsi Miles (Community Engagement)