What happens when a report is made?

The OE has an obligation and jurisdiction to determine whether the alleged conduct warrants further action. When a complainant (reporting party) has concerns about behaviors that are a potential violation of university policies, the OE provides information about options for resolution, educational or formal processes, supportive measures, and additional resources.

The educational process provides a remedies-based approach specific to the circumstances of the incident, but does not make a determination as to whether a policy has been violated. The process does not involve a written report. This approach allows the university to tailor responses to the unique facts and circumstances of an incident, particularly in cases where there is not a broader threat to individual or campus safety. In these cases, the OE may do one or more of the following when appropriate:

  • Determine supportive measures available to the complainant that do not punish or penalize the person accused of the misconduct.
  • Provide a remedies-based resolution tailored to the circumstances that helps prevent the behavior from continuing and does not punish or penalize the person accused of the misconduct.
  • Provide targeted and/or broad-based educational programs or training.

Review the OE's reporting and resolution options in full related to each specific policy here.