Learning, Educational Technology, Teaching, and Scholarship Committee (LETTS)



The Learning, Educational Technology, Teaching, and Scholarship Committee (LETTS) advises CU Denver administrators and committees on matters related to the advancement of student learning, educational technology as it promotes learning, quality teaching and instructional methods, and scholarship related to teaching, research, service, and outreach.

In addition, LETTS shall:
  • review and recommend general policies on the use of technology to support faculty work and student learning and plans associated with the acquisition and use of technology
  • serve as the faculty consultative body on any other issues associated with library/learning resources and technology as they affect instructional or research programs
  • support policies and procedures that promote the assessment of student learning to improve instruction and program design
  • encourage the development of interdisciplinary, cross-unit educational programs, outreach, and research to advance CU Denver's mission
  • support the development of policies and procedures that further innovative methods of instruction which enhance student and faculty learning
  • promote policies and procedures that encourage the use of technology to add educational alternatives and enhance learning for students and faculty
  • support continuing dialogue at CU Denver about alternative approaches to the scholarship of research, teaching, and service

LETTS Members


NameSchool or College
Brad Hinson, ChairSchool of Education and Human Development
Jiban Khuntia, Vice ChairBusiness School
​Troy Butler, SecretaryCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences​
Lorrie EvansAuraria Library
Charles MusibaCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences​
OpenCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences​
​Storm GloorCollege of Arts and Media
Mary GuySchool of Public Affairs
Maryam DarbeheshtiCollege of Engineering, Design and Computing
​Jason Drysdale, Ex OfficioOffice of Digital Education
Chrystal Gesell, Ex Officio ​Office of Information Technology
Sharon Grant, Ex Officio​​Office of Information Technology


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