Safe Return Weekly Update

July 2, 2020 @  8:35 a.m.

Our safe return to campus continues this week with additional researchers and health screening stations on campus, course reformatting, student surveys, faculty training, staff return guides, and more.

Clarification of 6/30 Facilities Announcement
You may have seen an email from Facilities on Tuesday, June 30, concerning the requirements for personnel returning to campus, and particularly the need for prior approval. These requirements apply to anyone who has been approved to return to campus this summer, either for research and creative activities (RCA) or for a one-time need, for example to retrieve something.  The email was not meant to imply that students (other than those notified to be returning as part of an approved RCA team) may begin to return to campus now. Access for all individuals should follow ongoing processes within your school or college for approvals for one-time access needs. The process for faculty and staff return in preparation for this fall will follow the procedures set forth in unit safety plans, and individual faculty and staff do not need to apply for approval yet unless they have an immediate need to come to campus this summer. Please check the Safe Return to Campus website for the most up-to-date information.

Gradual Return of Research and Creative Activities
We’re continuing to ramp up the resumption of a limited amount of research and creative activities (RCA) on campus with enhanced safety protocols in place. As of June 30, nine research labs or studios had been approved to return 12 researchers to campus, including labs from the College of Arts & Media, the College of Engineering, Design, and Computing, and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

RCA coordinators continue to receive applications and work with researchers to prepare safety plans for approval to return additional research and creative activities to campus.

Additional On-Campus Health Screening Station Added
The total number of on-site check-ins at the North Classroom health screening station last week was 249, with a daily average of 49 screenings.

Starting this week, there are two health screening stations on campus: the North Classroom building and Lynx Crossing residence hall. The North Classroom location is open from 8 a.m. – noon, Monday – Friday. The Lynx Crossing location is open from 7 – 11 a.m., Monday – Friday. Health screening station locations are marked on this campus map. Additional health screening stations will be added as more people return to campus.

Course Format Adjustments Nearing Completion
As of this week, all courses have been recoded for their proposed format and the Registrar’s Office is now running a rooming assignment optimization process. About a quarter of all courses (approximately 750) are proposed to have some on-campus presence (either fully on campus or hybrid). Adjustments to formats may still be made, due to limited spaced on campus. Students will be notified when this process is complete. The target completion date is July 7.

Students Surveyed
We received responses from 3,714 students who answered questions about their preferences for classes, how they will access student services, and how they want to participate in events and activities in the fall. Some key points from the survey include:

  • Undergraduate students showed the highest level of interest in hybrid classes that have some kind of on-campus component.
  • Master’s and doctoral students showed the highest level of interest in hybrid and remote class formats.
  • If alternative class times were offered, both undergraduate and graduate students expressed it would be somewhat likely that they would take a class on weekday nights or Fridays.
  • Students intend to access services, events, and activities both virtually and in person.
  • Internal constituents can access the Student Safe Return Survey Dashboard and filter results by school/college, class level, and graduate/undergraduate status. (You must be logged in to the GlobalProtect VPN to access the dashboard.)

Student and Parent Forum Planned
A student and parent forum will take place mid-July. A panel of experts will answer questions submitted by students and parents on topics including class format, student clubs, on-campus employment, and safety protocols. Students and parents will receive an invitation to submit questions after the July 4th holiday.

Faculty Receiving Training in Online Course Delivery
To prepare for the variety of on-campus, remote, and online course formats planned for the fall, hundreds of faculty have been participating in a number of professional development opportunities, including the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning’s self-paced Design and Teach an Effective Virtual Course and the School of Education and Human Development’s Hybrid-Flexible Teaching Summer Academy.

Discussions Beginning on Partial Staff Return to Deliver Essential Services
Staff units are  continuing discussions about essential service delivery for the fall. A unit safe return guide on how to create staff safe return plans will be sent this Thursday, July 2. Also, early next week, all staff will receive a survey on their preferences and concerns regarding returning to campus.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Cleaning Supplies
In preparation for the safe return to campus, Facilities has procured a two-month supply of PPE and cleaning supplies for the Denver campus. Supplies will be re-ordered as needed to ensure that classrooms and offices remain sufficiently stocked.