RTD Employee EcoPass Program Suspension and Alternative CU Denver Employee Parking

Dec. 1, 2020

EcoPass Suspension

The Auraria Higher Education Center, Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University Denver, and University of Colorado Denver have made the difficult decision to suspend the RTD Employee EcoPass program indefinitely as of January 1, 2021. Several significant factors contributed to this decision:

  • Over the past twelve months, Auraria Campus RTD Employee EcoPass program participation has declined by more than 50%.
  • For the third consecutive year, a 20% contract increase is scheduled to be implemented in January for 2021 calendar year.
  • Currently, RTD cannot provide any alternative employee options, but we are actively exploring and discussing potential future options. 


In response to the EcoPass suspension, beginning on Tuesday, December 1, 2020, CU Denver Parking and Transportation will open the garages of the CU Denver (Dravo) building and Business School to critical and essential CU Denver faculty and staff who have a documented need to be on campus. 

  • For current CU Denver permit holders:
    • All current CU Denver permit holders will be receiving a refund of the November deduction.
    • All LSC parkers will still retain their exclusive LSC parking privilege.
    • All other existing permit holders will have open access, but only for parking in the CU Denver building and Business School garages, with the ability to park in any available space that is not already designated as a Reserved Space.
    • If you do NOT wish to retain your parking permit or you wish to change your parking plan, submit an online request to change or cancel.
  • For CU Denver faculty and staff who are considered critical and essential personnel, but do not currently have access to parking garages:
    • Please contact CU Denver Facilities Dispatch to have your personal identification badge authorized for entry into CU Denver building or Business School garages.

As we work through these processes, Parking & Transportation will continue to keep you apprised of all parking updates:

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