New self-quarantine requirements for travelers

March 5, 2020

Today’s update includes information on two topics: new self-quarantine requirements for travelers to the U.S. from Italy, Iran and South Korea; and COVID-19 resources available on the Auraria Campus for CU Denver students, faculty, and staff.

Travelers from Italy, Iran, and South Korea to self-quarantine

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has added Italy, Iran and South Korea to its list of countries with widespread sustained (ongoing) transmission of COVID-19. These countries now have CDC Level 3 Travel Health Notices.

If you have returned from Italy, Iran, South Korea, or China since Feb. 24, you must stay home for 14 days from the time you left the country you visited. Please adhere to the following guidance from the CDC and the CDPHE. (See additional CDC guidance for preventing COVID-19 spread in communities.)


Whether you feel sick or not, you must stay home for 14 days from the time you left an area with widespread, ongoing community spread (Level 3 Travel Health Notice countries). Take these steps to monitor your health and practice social distancing:

Take your temperature with a thermometer two times a day and monitor for fever. Also watch for cough or trouble breathing.

Stay home and avoid contact with others. Do not go to work or school for this 14-day period. Discuss your work situation with your employer before returning to work.

Do not take public transportation, taxis, or ride-shares during the time you are practicing social distancing.

Avoid crowded places (such as shopping centers and movie theaters) and limit your activities in public.

Keep your distance from others (about 6 feet or 2 meters).

For additional questions on monitoring your health, contact the Colorado Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 hotline at 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911. You can also email

What To Do If You Get Sick

If you have symptoms and were in an affected area (or were in contact with someone from an affected area) call the Denver Public Health Epi Line at 303-602-3614. Someone on that line will be able to offer guidance and direct you to healthcare.

If you get sick with fever (100.4°F/38°C or higher), cough, or have trouble breathing:

Seek medical care. Call ahead before you go to a doctor’s office or emergency room.

Tell your doctor about your recent travel and your symptoms.

Avoid contact with others.

If you need to seek medical care for other reasons, such as dialysis, call ahead to your doctor and tell them about your recent travel to an area with widespread or ongoing community spread of COVID-19.

On-Campus COVID-19 Resources for CU Denver students, faculty, and staff

The Health Center at Auraria has made the following COVID-19 resources available to CU Denver students, faculty, and staff.

Mental Health Assistance for those without COVID-19 Symptoms

If you are experiencing undue stress, anxiety or sense any type of discrimination to your presence on campus, but do not have any symptoms associated with the coronavirus, we encourage you to call our office to talk to a medical professional or counselor. We are here to serve you and want you to know that you can talk to us about your concerns in a safe and supportive environment. Simply call the Health Center’s front desk at 303-615-9999 and indicate that you would like to schedule a “Coronavirus Consultation”. There will be no charge for this visit.

Telephone Assessment Services for those with COVID-19 Symptoms

If, on the other hand, you are experiencing any signs or symptoms commonly associated with Coronavirus, such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath and have traveled from China, Iran, Italy, or South Korea in the past two weeks, or have been in contact with someone who was in China, Iran, Italy, or South Korea in the past two weeks, please call the Health Center at 303-615-9999. Ask the phone receptionist for a return phone call from the Medical Director regarding Coronavirus. The Medical Director or one of his staff will call you and, based on your input, determine the best medical care option for you. There is no charge for this service.

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