For Faculty: Modified Policy for Spring 2020 FCQs

April 30, 2020 @ 3:19 p.m.

Dear CU Denver Faculty:

In response to the rapid move to remote teaching and learning, the CU Denver campus will take a modified approach to spring 2020 Faculty Course Questionnaires (FCQs). The approach is designed to give students an opportunity to share feedback and provide faculty with information needed to assess their teaching and learning effectiveness, while ensuring a measure of faculty control over the use of FCQ results.

  • FCQs will be issued and collected per our current campus process.
  • Access to FCQ results will be restricted to the faculty member teaching the course. Faculty may choose whether or not to utilize the Spring 2020 FCQ data for annual merit review and/or tenure/promotion purposes.
  • Faculty must share their spring 2020 FCQ results, including all student comments, with their department or program chair, or appropriate unit leader. The program/department chair/appropriate unit leader may NOT use the data for evaluative purposes—neither for annual merit nor tenure/promotion—without the approval of the faculty member.
  • The program/department chair/appropriate unit leader must review the FCQ data for any violation of university policy and share that information appropriately with the dean, Office of Equity, University Counsel, or other investigating offices (e.g., Discrimination/Harassment).

Thank you for continuing to ensure the highest quality teaching and learning environments in light of the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves.


Roderick Nairn, PhD
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs

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