Vision & Hearing Kit

Designed to promote inclusion and participation of children who are blind, visually impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing either temporarily or permanently.

Vision and Hearing Kit unpacked with ~30 colorful tools and toys

This might look like:  

  • Sitting very close to screens
  • Blinking and/or rubbing eyes frequently
  • Difficulty following directions

Examples of kit items include:  

  • Toys with multi sensory signals
  • Adapted lighting options
  • High contrast toys and books
  • Braille and sign language literacy tools

Kit item spotlights  

Item spotlights represent just a few examples to give you an idea of the types of items in the kit. This spotlight does not constitute an endorsement.

muñeca tamaño Barbie con piel morena y un implante coclear

Lottie Doll

The Lottie Doll wears a cochlear implant. Including a doll with a cochlear implant in your program might help a child with a cochlear implant feel more included, and could help all children learn more about cochlear implants. 

un juego de emparejamiento de madera donde las piezas tienen diferentes texturas y colores

TactiTouch and Match Game

Matching is an important skill. Many matching games require vision to match patterns. Children can play this matching game using their sense of touch!

Poke A Dot Wheels on the Bus with plastic bubbles for popping on the cover

Poke A Dot Wheels on the Bus Book

This book has clear dots to press and pop on each page. This gives a child the opportunity to explore the book and practice counting by using their sense of touch and hearing.


un altavoz negro con micrófono y auriculares con cable

WinBridge Voice Amplifier

Voice amplification devices help make noisy environments more accessible to children who are deaf or hard or hearing. The WinBridge is a wearable device that makes the speaker's voice louder throughout the room. 

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