Communication & Literacy Kit

This kit is designed to promote inclusion and participation of children with disabilities or delays affecting communication and early literacy development.

Communication and Literacy Kit Picture

This might look like:

  • Limited talking
  • Words or phrases that don't make sense
  • Not looking at or attending to books

Examples of kit items include:

  • Recordable speech devices
  • Adapted books
  • Literacy props
  • Toys that promote literacy and communication

Kit item spotlights

Item spotlights represent just a few examples to give you an idea of the types of items in the kit. Check out a kit to learn more! This spotlight does not constitute an endorsement.

objetos manipulables coloridos de peluche correspondientes al libro bilingüe El pez arcoíris.

Rainbow Fish Book and Manipulatives

Make storytelling fun with the bilingual Rainbow Fish book and manipulatives! Manipulatives can be used to improve attention by giving children a tangible way to interact with the story!

palabras del libro de cartón “World Ocean Animals” (Animales de los océanos del mundo)

Inclusive Books

An inclusive program has materials that represent a variety of races, cultures, and abilities. This kit includes board books such as Counting on Community and Ocean Animals, which includes 8 languages!

un álbum de fotos con botones en cada página para grabar mensajes de audio.

Recordable Photo Album

The recordable photo album can be used by inserting symbols, pictures, or pages from a book, and recording your voice. By doing so, a child in your program can read the book aloud or communicate simple phrases. 

GoTalk 9+ con 12 opciones de comunicación bilingüe que son me gusta, no me gusta, ayuda, ¿cómo estás?, algo diferente, necesito un descanso, contar, ¿yo puedo jugar?, limpiar, el baño, más, y termina

GoTalk 9+ with Bilingual Overlays

The GoTalk 9+ offers children an alternate means to express themselves. It is quick and easy to record a collection of messages that can be played back at the press of a button. 

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