Preschool Development Grant: Inclusion
& Universal Design Project

This special project was developed to support and train child care providers to meet the needs of children with delays and disabilities in an inclusive child care setting. We are excited to bring the Inclusion & Universal Design Project to child care providers throughout Colorado. 

The fall of 2020 brought the first 25 participating child care providers together for a combination of small group learning, one on one coaching sessions, and an Introduction to Universal Design webinar. To support and implement their learning, each program received a kit of adapted materials. These kits featured a wide variety of simple, low cost items for adapting toys, books, and learning environments to support all children, including those with delays and disabilities.

The three-year project is supported by the Colorado Department of Human Services – Department of Early Childhood and funded through the state’s Preschool Development Grant. Over those three years, the project will equip over 100 licensed child care providers, homes and centers, to create classrooms that meet the needs of all children. Through the implementation of inclusion and universal design principles, these providers will expand inclusive, supportive child care options for children and their families. 

Participant Quote:

“It was exciting learning among my peers and colleagues. Among our group there was so much knowledge and ideas shared. I looked forward to checking in with them. It was a pleasure being part of the inclusion grant.” – Heidi Mather, Heidi’s Childcare Center

Preschool children eating at a table
baby girl using a switch toy to control a switch adapted chihuahua toy
little boy playing with a truck adapted with a shower ring
Little girl with down syndrome holding a pencil
Preschool development grant birth through five