Accessible Information and Communication Technologies Services

Improving accessibility and building capacity through human factors and design

Accessibility Consulting and Expert Insight for Web, Software and Product Development

The Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE) provides insight and expertise necessary to achieve accessible web, rich media, cloud, mobile, social, communications and business technologies. CIDE faculty bring to the table human factors knowledge and extensive clinical experience recommending and fitting assistive technology for individuals of all ages and disabilities.  Our clinical background and deep knowledge of assistive technology enables us to provide more wholistic insight into the needs of your customers with disabilities and those aging into disability. 

By closely aligning user experience testing by individuals with disabilities with our compliance, technical and clinical review processes, we are able to create a comprehensive understanding of your organization's accessibility issues.  From concept to commercialization, CIDE provides accessibility support for the complete life cycle management of your products and services. 

We provide accessibility consultation, testing and requirements development for:

Our Approach

CIDE accessibility services incorporate a blend of skilled technical testing, review by expert users of assistive technologies, and input from clinical experts from several rehabilitation disciplines. The use of clinical experts provides essential context from which to classify the real-world impact of accessibility issues identified during the testing process. Our clinicians bring a unique disability and human factors perspective to the design, development, testing and certification processes.

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