Ample room to learn, conduct research and innovate.

CIDE's four locations offer state of the art research space and classrooms to provide students an experience grounded in excellence, focused on accelerating applied transdisciplinary technology research and innovation. The surrounding dual campus' combine the energy of an urban downtown with the opportunities afforded by a world class medical center; all in a state that attracts the biggest names in technology, medicine and design.

CU Denver and the Auraria Campus

a design sketch for the new engineering building depicts a large, modern, glass structure with students milling about

Proposed CEDC Engineering Building

Designed to foster cross-disciplinary study and collaboration between industry, government and academia, the proposed engieering building will prepare students to meet tomorrow's engineering challenges head-on. The building will bring together classrooms, laboratories, research faculty and cutting-edge student work spaces to foster a culture of inquiry that will advance solutions with a global impact.

Hub Specialty Clinic Entrance, Auraria Campus

Bioengineering at the Hub

The "Hub" building provides over 5,000 square feet of engineering space uniquely situated within a specialty assistive technology clinic which provides physical, occupational, speech language and rehabilitation technology services to individuals with complex disabilities. Students work alongside clinicians to develop a deeper understanding of human factors and its role in engineering the technology of the future.

CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Bioscience II Building Anschutz Medical Campus

Biosciences II

This 112,000-square-foot facility is designed to promote medical advances and collaborations with its multifaceted capabilities as an education center, research hub and industry incubator. Located in the heart of the Anschutz Medical Campus, Biosciences II provides ready access to health care professional, researchers and industry professionals.
Bioscience III Research building

Biosciences III

The new Bioscience III building, with its state-of-the-art laboratories, will enable access to rapid prototyping, rehabilitation engineering and computing technologies, user test capabilities and an IoT Sensor fusion test bed as well as space for student engagement.


Fabrication and 3D printing:

  • Light fabrication - Engineering lab at the Hub
  • Rapid prototyping- InWorks Design and Fabrication Lab
  • Heavy fabrication - Mechanical engineering fabrication facility at the Hub

Product Testing and Inclusive Design

  • User test and human factors labs at Biosciences III
  • Environmental test lab at Biosciences III

Emerging technologies

  • IoT Sensor Fusion Lab at Biosciences III
  • Robotics lab at Biosciences III



Additional CIDE Resources

Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE)

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