Behavior & Cognition Kit

Designed to promote inclusion and participation of children with disabilities or delays affecting behavior and/or cognition.

Behavior and Cognition Kit Picture

This might look like:

  • Frequent tantrums or meltdowns
  • Difficulty playing with others
  • Not using toys in expected ways

Examples of kit items include:

  • Tools to support transitions
  • Sensory tools
  • Support for teaching and learning social emotional skills
  • Toys that promote cognitive skills like matching, counting, and sequencing

Kit item spotlights

Item spotlights represent just a few examples to give you an idea of the types of items in the kit. Check out a kit to learn more! This spotlight does not constitute an endorsement. 

cojín inflable azul con superficie táctil

Wobble Cushion

Have you ever seen a child so wiggly in their seat that they can't get anything done? For a child who needs extra movement to stay focused, consider a wobble cushion to allow them to get their wiggles out right in their chair. 

muñecas que representan diferentes razas y capacidades. Varias muñecas utilizan equipos adaptados que incluyen una silla de ruedas, audífonos, muletas, un perro guía y un bastón de movilidad.

Inclusive Dolls

Pretend play is important for development. Characters that represent a variety of races, cultures, and abilities, help children feel more motivated to play and provide opportunities for children to learn about one another. 

un temporizador visual con 2 diales. 1 dial establece el tiempo hasta que se realiza la actividad, el otro establece el tiempo hasta que se reproduce una luz de advertencia y un tono. Tiene una luz de cúpula en la parte superior.

Time Tracker Mini

Visual timers can be a useful tool for a child who has difficulty with transitions. They may help children understand the concept of time by giving visual and auditory indications of time passing. 

el libro de cartón The Color Monster (El monstruo de colores) con monstruos coloridos que tienen diferentes expresiones en sus caras en la portada del libro.

The Color Monster

Small children can have big feelings! Using books can help children understand how to recognize and express their feelings and the feelings of others. 

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