Infant Kit

This kit is designed to promote inclusion and participation of infants in child care settings, especially infants with disabilities, delays, or differences. 

Infant Kit

Examples of kit items include:  

  • High-contrast books and toys to promote vision development
  • Sensory toys that promote body awareness
  • Tools to promote participation in self-feeding for infants who are eating solid foods
  • Non-traditional rattles
  • Toys that help teach cause and effect

Kit item spotlights

Item spotlights represent just a few examples to give you an idea of the types of items in the kit. Check out a kit to learn more! This spotlight does not constitute an endorsement.

libro de cartón Baby Signs

Baby Signs Book

The Baby Signs board book is a helpful tool for introducing sign language to infants once they have reached at least 6 months of age. The book contains 13 basic signs that might be helpful for infants just starting to communicate. 

una tortuga de silicona colorida con un espejo en el vientre

Baby Buzz'r Sea Turtle

This toy provides a range of sensory experiences. It lights up for visual input and plays soothing lullabies. It gently vibrates, which promotes an improved sense of body awareness. 

A board with multiple black, white, and red high contrast patterns

Double Sided Mirror/High Contrast Board

Young infants see the world in black, white, and shades of gray. High-contrast shapes support vision development and will be interesting to look at. The other side of this board is a mirror, which babies might enjoy around 4 months. 

Whirley Pop lights and music station, a colorful station toy with multiple large colorful buttons and a wheel

Whirley Pop Lights and Music Station

This activity station toy has suction cups on the bottom and can be attached to any hard, flat surface. This gives the infant different angles from which to view, reach, pull, and interact with the toy. 

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