Fine & Gross Motor Kit

Designed to promote inclusion and participation of children with disabilities or delays affecting motor development. 

Fine and Gross Motor Kit unpacked with ~30 colorful toys

This might look like:  

  • Difficulty with balance, sitting, kicking, or running
  • Trouble using hands and fingers

Examples of kit items include:

  • Adapted grip toys
  • Adapted grip tools for writing and art
  • Adapted seating options
  • Toys adapted for physical access

Kit item spotlights:  

Item spotlights represent just a few examples to give you an idea of the types of items in the kit. Check out a kit to learn more! This spotlight does not constitute an endorsement. 

tijeras azules con dos mangos planos donde normalmente están las manijas en forma de bucle.

Table Top Scissors

Table top scissors require little-to-no finger movement and could be used instead with a palm, wrist or other body part to press the scissors down as they rest on the table.

un borde magnético azul sobre una superficie blanca.

Stay Put Mat

The Stay Put Mat is a non-slip writing aid. It can come in handy for holding paper in place while a child writes or draws. 

un conmutador rojo con tapas azules, verdes y amarillas y un conector de 3.5 mm

Jelly Bean Switch

A switch is an alternate way to activate a battery-operated toy instead of existing buttons or knobs on the toy itself. It is larger in size than typical buttons on toys and can be moved closer to the child for greater independence.

una silla enrollable de madera con la base y el respaldo conectados por dos correas

Roll Up Floor Chair

The HowdaHug roll-up seat is specifically designed for use during floor time. It supports children's backs and sides, which may be helpful for children with decreased endurance or balance.

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