Power of Partnerships

A Commitment to Innovating the Future of Denver

At CU Denver, we understand that bringing together mission-aligned organizations—universities, K-12 schools, think tanks and labs, artists, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, businesses, and government—to solve problems creates a powerful impact.

CU Denver is a destination for companies and organizations seeking inspiration and hands-on solutions to address their biggest problems—whether that is how to attract top diverse talent including interns, how to reskill an entire workforce, how to educate or create in new ways, or how to approach a grand research question. Our collaborations with organizations help us disseminate what’s learned and discovered here and put CU Denver solutions to work.

Partnering with CU Denver 

With our network of partners—which spans hundreds of organizations in Denver, the state of Colorado, the nation, and world—we have generated groundbreaking new ideas, connected companies to extraordinarily talented students, and transferred our knowledge into impact. Our aim is to create deep, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Colorado Building Workshop students working on the Cottonwood Cabins project.

Partnership Stories

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