Academic Personnel Committee (APC)



The Academic Personnel Committee (APC) shall serve as the primary consultative body to Faculty Assembly and CU Denver administration on personnel policy development and on the administration of policies governing personnel practices. 

The purview of APC shall include: 

  • academic personnel policies and policy development
  • all matters dealing with faculty, particularly professional ethics, discipline, and potential layoff
  • ​actions and policies of CU Denver committees that affect the responsibilities of the APC such as policy and procedures of the Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Committee​    

In addition, APC shall:​

  • review and analyze CU Denver’s faculty salaries as needed
  • review specific school, college, or library bylaws related to the APC’s purview to  assess compliance with Regential and CU Denver policies as related to specific complaints
  • review faculty grievances related to workplace conditions as requested after those grievances have been addressed through a review process independent of supervisory authority within school, college, or library; or by Human Resources or the Faculty Senate Privilege & Tenure Committee, as appropriate. The APC will consider a review only after all other available processes have been exhausted
  • review and analyze CU Denver’s faculty salaries as requested
  • report all pertinent analyses to the Diversity Committee or other appropriate entity within the University
  • work with all levels of university administration to assure that policies and procedures for faculty salary and other appeals are posted in a public forum​

APC Members


NameSchool or College
Eric Baker, ChairAuraria Library
Open, Vice Chair-
Kendall Hunter, SecretaryCollege of Engineering, Design and Computing
Lan LiangBusiness School
Diana WhiteCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences​
Molly NepokroeffCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences​
Wayne MillerCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences​
Kent HomchickCollege of Arts and Media
Ekaterini VlahosCollege of Architecture and Planning
OpenGraduate School
Deserai CrowSchool of Public Affairs
Connie Fulmer​​School of Education and Human Development
Nelia Viveiros, Ex OfficioOffice of the Provost
Michael Jenson, Ex OfficioCollege of Architecture and Planning

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