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Question 8

​​In this course, the instructor:


 Cared about my learning.


 Create a supportive classroom environment.

  • Get to know your students by name, by Taking Role
  • Speak with students before and after class.
  • Greet students as they enter class.
  • On the first day of class distribute a questionnaire that helps you collect baseline information on students level of preparation, interests and motivations (examples here​).
  • Help students develop a growth mindset and a belief that being wrong is part of learning.

 Teach students how best to learn in your discipline.

  • ​Use these videos on metacognition to provide students with specific advice on how they can improve their learning. ​
  • ​Use exam wrappers​ and assignment wrappers to help students identify patterns in their returned graded work and/or reflect on how they prepared.​​

 Connect learning to students' interests and lives.


 Provide students with some choice and control.

  • ​If there are some optional topics in the course, have students vote on which ones to include.
  • Let students choose the topic for a project or assignment.
  • Provide students with options​ of how they express their learning.

 Help students develop a sense that they can master the material.

  • Communicate clear learning goals by sharing course learning outcomes and creating transparent assignments.
  • Express to students your confidence that they can master the material.
  • Create assignments and activities that are challenging, but doable.
  • Build in early success and ramp up the difficulty.
  • Help students become more autonomous learners by scaffolding their learning.
  • Use classroom assessment techniques to provide regular feedback that gives students a clear sense of how well they are mastering the material.
  • Point out to students how much they have learned.
  • Use these videos on metacognition to provide students with specific advice on how they can improve their learning. 
  • Consider ways to support your students in multiple suggestions for revising your work, Revising Your Paper.

 Communicate your confidence in students' ability to learn.

  • Teach students about growth mindset, the idea that we can grown our brain's capacity to learn and solve problems.
  • When students succeed, praise their efforts and strategies as opposed to their intelligence. (listen to this Two Guys on Your Head podcast for an explaination, Praise Aug. 23, 2018).
  • Express your high expectations for students and your confidence that they can succeed through the practice of wise feedback.


 Develop familiarity with learning resources on campus and share them with students.


 Solicit mid-semester feedback from students.



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