Center for Faculty Development & Advancement Faculty Fellows

The CU Denver Center for Faculty Development & Advancement (CFDA) seeks Faculty Fellows to join its Faculty Fellows program. CFDA Faculty Fellows serve as leaders supporting the CFDA’s mission to help faculty grow in their chosen directions. Faculty Fellows develop and lead programs, assess faculty needs, and support individual faculty members in areas relating to their program. Most Faculty Fellows support faculty members as they grow in two or more areas of the CFDA’s mission [link to mission/vision]. While Faculty Fellows focus their efforts on their signature areas of work, they also have many opportunities to support other faculty members in programs on other topics central to faculty life, such as rank advancement, leadership, and service.

The CFDA encourages Faculty Fellows to build and apply their leadership skills in strategic, innovative program development and delivery. Faculty from all schools and colleges, and all ranks, are welcome to serve as Faculty Fellows. The CFDA aims to reflect the range of experience and expertise on our campus in our group of Faculty Fellows.

Benefits of Participating

  • Annual professional development stipend (See individual position postings for details.)
  • Experience in strategic & creative program development and project management
  • Connections with CFDA staff and Faculty Affairs leadership
  • Additional opportunities to provide leadership in CFDA programming
  • Participating in several semesterly meetings with CFDA staff and other Faculty Fellows
  • Semesterly check-ins with the Director of the CFDA
  • Staying in contact with CFDA via email 12 months per year
  • Ability to meet time requirements of the position
  • Expertise related to the signature area of work (specific to the individual position)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Strong interest in program development
  • Strong interest in faculty/career development
  • Experience in mentoring, or in supporting colleagues’ career development

Examples of Programming

Within a Faculty Fellow’s signature area of work, they will develop a portfolio of programming to meet faculty interests and future directions. Examples of programming include:

  • University-wide Communities of Practice based on special interests
  • Departmental Communities of Practice supporting new programs or needs
  • Single-session and multi-session group learning opportunities
  • Professional reading groups
  • Academic writing “challenges”
  • Collaborations with University offices to develop partnerships
Current Faculty Fellows
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