Funded by the CU Denver Office of the Provost, The Center for Faculty Development & Advancement’s (CFDA) Tenured Faculty Professional Development Fund augments tenured faculty members’ existing sources of professional development funding. In particular it supports participation in opportunities that support the faculty members’ career growth in the category of research and creative activities. Examples include but are not limited to: 

  • Travel to conferences 
  • Travel for the purpose of interviews, archival visits, etc. 
  • Publication fees 
  • Statistical support 


Note: This fund is restricted to tenured faculty. Pre-tenure faculty can apply to the CFDA’s Early Career Professional Development Grant. Instructional, Research, and Clinical (IRC) faculty can apply to the CFDA’s IRC Faculty Professional Development Fund. Thus, with the addition of the Tenured Faculty Professional Development Fund, all CU Denver faculty are eligible for small professional development funding through the CFDA. 


Maximum amount awarded 

Applicants may request up to  $1000 from the Tenured Faculty Professional Development Fund. Applicants may receive money from this fund once per academic year.  


Total amount and schedule  

The CFDA Tenured Faculty Research & Creative Activities Grant offers a total of $20,000 in funding per year. Requests will be considered on a rolling basis until March 15, or until the fund is depleted for the year (whichever comes first).  


The Tenured Faculty Professional Development Fund has closed for the remainder of Academic Year 2023-24. We're pleased to say that we have disbursed all of our funds to support our faculty. Please check back in August 2024 regarding future opportunities. Questions? Contact the CFDA: cfda@ucdenver.edu


Matching Requirement 

An equal match is typically required. Matching funds may come from the applicant’s department, college, professional organization, or a grant.  


Matching requirement is waived for the cases where the faculty member does not have professional development (PD) funds available for the academic year from school or department sources, or from grants.



Preference will be given to cases in which: 

  • The faculty member is speaking or presenting at a professional conference. 
  • The faculty member lacks sufficient departmental PD funds despite having not spent any PD funds in the semester. 
  • The faculty member has less funding allocated or available to them than other faculty requesting funding at the same time. 
  • The faculty member does not have significant opportunities for external grant funding available to them. 


Decision-Making Body 

The CFDA will maintain a group of rostered, tenured faculty members who evaluate applications for the CFDA Tenured Faculty Professional Development Fund. Two members will vote on each application. 


Applicants Provide 

  • Brief description of the PD opportunity in the application form, with a link to the event’s site if applicable. 
  • Short discussion of how participation benefits their career. 
  • List of other conferences they are also attending that academic year 
  • Brief budget, including funds from other sources and requested funds for the proposed travel 
  • Completed Chair/Dean/Associate Dean Approval Form indicating support and detailing applicant’s funding situation in the academic unit. 




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