Early-Career Faculty Mentoring Program

Mentoring Circles for First-Year Faculty

All new faculty members who attend the August Welcome Day will join a Mentoring Circle. If you cannot attend Welcome Day but would like to join a Mentoring Circle, please email the CFDA.

In each Circle, faculty mentees collaborate with the CFDA and selected faculty mentors. Circles focus on developing community, and on building skills and knowledge needed to support your professional growth during the first several years of your academic career.

Sample topics covered in the Circles' meetings may include:

  • Connecting with the CU Denver community
  • Designing your research agenda
  • Building your teaching skills
  • Designing online sections of courses
  • Choosing service commitments wisely
  • Mentoring networks
  • Celebrating members' accomplishments

Questions? Contact the CFDA at cfda@ucdenver.edu.

Workshops for First-Year Faculty

As part of the Early-Career Faculty Mentoring Program (ECFMP), the CFDA encourages new faculty to think of their first year as their "Year of Professional Growth." Challenge yourself to attend at least one workshop that meets your professional goals each month. (This is a great practice for experienced faculty who want to challenge ourselves to grow, too!)

Here are some of our favorite sources for faculty-centered training across campus:

New for Second- and Third-Year Faculty

In August 2023, the CFDA will begin hosting new opportunities for second- and third-year faculty members.

Many of last year's Mentoring Circle participants have asked to continue their Circles. Good news -- we will! If you're a second- or third-year faculty member who would like to participate in a Mentoring Circle, please email us at: cfda@ucdenver.edu

We will also offer social outings and workshops especially for second- and third-years. See the CFDA's calendar or email us for details.

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To request more information, please contact the CFDA at: cfda@ucdenver.edu.
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