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Get your writing back on track with our Writing Retreats. Faculty are able to meet with other faculty members, learn from one of our faculty fellows, and will have the opportunity to learn strategies to maximize their writing time and effort. Our Writing Retreats are more than just writing, they are an engaging session with faculty who are interested in improving their writing skills, and taking the time to get it done. Gain useful tips and apply them "write away". Faculty love these retreats and typically attend multiple retreats in the year. If you're interested, check out our upcoming programs on our Homepage and register before they fill up!

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Previous Sessions

Creating Diversity and Inclusion Statement: For Faculty

As instructors and faculty, you may be thinking about promotion, tenure, or post-tenure review. Perhaps you are considering professional service, where some organizations now require diversity and inclusion statements as part of the application process. Whether for promotion, tenure, post-tenure review, or service, diversity and inclusion statements focus on how your research, teaching, and/or service can advance diversity and inclusion efforts at your university or professional society. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Center for Faculty Development and Advancement want to help with your professional development. We will have guest speakers who can give insight about creating diversity and inclusion statements that speak to your research, teaching, and service. Come learn, take notes, and discuss how to create and polish these statements. Thank you for signing up for this workshop, and we look forward to working with you!

Facilitated by Dr. Ronica Rooks with panelist Dr. Faye Caronan, Dr. Manuel Espinoza, Dr. Dominic Martinez on February 9th, 2021. Click here to view the video.

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