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The Associate to Full Professor Program supports tenured mid-career faculty who are ready to explore the path to promotion. Tenured associate professors are often deeply engaged in the campus community. They’re experienced researchers and teachers, and dedicated members of committees and professional organizations. It can be challenging for these faculty members to know when they’re ready for promotion, and to set aside the time to prepare.

CFDA Faculty Fellow Sarah Hagelin and Director Karen Sobel lead the program.

The Associate to Full Professor Program supports tenured associate professors in the process of preparing for promotion to “full” professor rank. Goals include:

  • Assessing the number of years you need to prepare yourself for promotion
  • Deciding what you need to accomplish before applying for promotion
  • Learning about life as a full professor
  • Preparing to make your best possible case for promotion in your dossier
  • Discussing your individual questions with current full professors

The program has three mail parts:

  • An online workshop series, targeted to potentially interested faculty (though open to all—a great place to learn more)
  • A new mentoring program for tenured associate professors on the Denver Campus
  • (Optional) A monthly community of practice where program members can meet to connect, support each other, and relax

Register for programming on the CFDA's program calendar.

Mentoring Program

Tenured Associate Professors, are you ready to begin working toward promotion to Professor rank? The Associate to Full Professor Mentoring Program supports you as you plan your path forward. In the program, you will be matched with a tenured Full Professor. You may also spend some time with the additional one or two Associate Professors who work with your mentor so that you may all learn from each other. Associate Professors are welcome to join the program at any point between receiving tenure and applying for promotion.

[Full] Professors who become mentors will receive training in “coaching” skills to use as they support mentees. Mentors receive professional development funds from the CFDA in gratitude for their hard work.

At present, the Associate to Full Professor Mentoring Program is limited to faculty on the Denver Campus.

Each mentee-mentor pair will craft several goals to help the mentee move forward toward promotion. 

Applications for the program's 2024 cycle will open in late Fall 2023. Tenured Associate Professors are welcome to participate in the program's workshops and community of practice regardless of whether they participate in mentoring.

Questions: Please contact us.


Previous Sessions

Lunch & Learn: Associate to Full Professor Series: How Do I Know When I'm Ready for Promotion to Full Professor?

After years of working toward [full] professor rank, it’s often heartening to look over your accomplishments in research or creative activities, teaching, and service to see how much you’ve done. Deciding whether you are finally ready to apply for promotion to professor can be a difficult choice, though. This session will help you to make an informed decision about whether you’re ready, or how much longer you need to properly prepare. It will also help you to better envision the road ahead as a professor. This session is designed with tenured associate professors on the Denver Campus in mind. However, all are welcome to participate in this workshop. The session will include plenty of time for discussion.

Session goals:
-Assess whether you are currently ready to apply for promotion to professor, or
-Estimate the number of years of additional preparation you require.
-Consider conversations with chairs, deans, or colleagues that you may wish to have before deciding on your timeline.
-Learn about life as a [full] professor.

Facilitated by Dr. Karen Sobel. Panel: Dr. Tom Altman, Dr. Diana Tomback, and Dr. Scott Bauer. On March 2nd, 2021, click here to view the full session. 

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