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Question 6

​​In this course, the instructor:


 Explained the grading criteria for assignments.


 Create transparent assignments and activities.


 Write learner-centered learning outcomes.

  • Describe the work that students will be expected to do.
  • Include learning outcomes on your assignments and talk about them in class.
  • Explain to students how completion of specific assignments and activities will help them to achieve specific course-level learning outcomes.
  • Create observable and actionable outcomes using these verbs.
  • Use the CFD self-paced tutorial on Assessment and Instructional Alignment​ to learn how to write outcomes and alignn them with your assessments and activities.

 Align course assignments and activities with course learning outcomes.


 Establish clear written performance standards.


 Debrief graded tests and assignments.


 Engage students in applying the criteria you will use on their work.



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