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The CFDA provides programs, resources, and services that support faculty as they work toward rank advancement; grow as leaders in their departments, communities and fields; and thrive as members of the University community.  The CFDA provides grants for faculty professional development opportunities, several mentoring programs, tenure and promotion support, a library of successful dossier models, dossier building support, professional development programs, and communities of practice. 

Upcoming Events

Celebrating and Continuing Forward

| 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM

As the semester moves towards closure, join us to share your accomplishments in the mentoring program, your personal plans for the summer and ideas you have for next year. The benefits of improved faculty retention and productivity can be best achieved with aligned mentoring and faculty development programs. Join us for a conversation focused on assuring that our programs are designed for success. Session goals:

• Share and celebrate attendees’ successes.

• Discuss ways in which the CFDA can best support faculty in the coming academic year.

Facilitated by Donna Sobel

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The CFDA will be working remotely from May 13th thru August 9th.  We will be available from 9-5pm Monday through Fridays, and in person at the Learning Commons, 3rd floor space on Wednesdays from 8-3pm.  If you need assistance outside of these hours, please email us at CFDA@udenver.edu
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