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The CFDA provides programs, resources, and services that support faculty as they work toward rank advancement; grow as leaders in their departments, communities and fields; and thrive as members of the University community.  The CFDA provides grants for faculty professional development opportunities, several mentoring programs, tenure and promotion support, a library of successful dossier models, dossier building support, professional development programs, and communities of practice. 

Upcoming Events

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Active Listening When You Disagree

| 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Some of the most challenging communication skills that leaders can develop are those that allow them to listen actively to people with whom they disagree. This skillset gives leaders the ability to participate in and facilitate powerful discussions in departments, classrooms, and many other settings.
Join Teresa Ralicki of the CU Denver Ombuds Office for a workshop on these skills. You will: 
-Identify what gets in the way of listening (especially when you disagree)
-Review well known active-listening techniques
-Learn how to let the other person know you are truly listening without having to agree or get into an unproductive argument
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