If you have been approved for the peer note-taking accommodation, please follow the below instructions to place a request for a peer note taker. Contact Disability Resources and Services at disabilityresources@ucdenver.edu with questions about the peer note-taking accommodation.

  1. Submit your Semester Request in Accommodate to send Accommodation Letters to your faculty (be sure to select the semester and year).
  2. Once you have electronically signed your letter, review your courses and the *instructional format to determine which classes you need to request supplemental notes.

a. Please note: a peer note taker can be assigned for classes that are Hybrid, Remote or On Campus.

b. For online or remote asynchronous courses, please fill out the below field regarding peer supplemental notes.

    3. Please fill out 1 form for each class you are requesting a notetaker. All fields are required.

Class Information