Guidelines for documentation have been provided to assist students in obtaining appropriate documentation from qualified professionals. While appropriate documentation of a disability is only one part of determining eligibility for accommodations, the provision of this documentation assists the disability service provider to understand the impact of the disabilities, needs, and potential accommodations. Institutions might also request documentation for the following reasons:

  • to support the request for each specific accommodation;
  • to review the nature of the disability or disabilities and its’ impact in the postsecondary environment; and
  • to assist in the collaborative determination of eligibility for auxiliary aids and services to minimize the impact of the disability.

For students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or General Education Initiative from a secondary school, the decisions made in the K-12 setting do not apply to the Postsecondary setting.  However, these forms may contain information regarding a disability’s impact on learning, your past use of accommodations, etc. so, we do encourage you to provide this information to our office. 

Please note: Documentation accepted at this university might not be accepted by other institutions, agencies and/or programs (e.g. testing agencies, licensure exams, certification programs). Please check with the specific institution and/or program to determine their documentation requirements.

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