Assistive Technology Computer Lab (AT Lab)

The Assistive Technology Lab (AT Lab) is located in the Disability Resources & Services suite and provides an accessible and welcoming space for students registered with DRS. Students can utilize AT Lab services during office hours without making an appointment.  

The development of the AT Lab was made possible by generous donations from Dr. David and Mrs. Nancy Lacey.

AT Lab Services include the following: Computer access, free printing and scanning, access to assistive technologies, production of electronic, accessible textbooks and equipment and software loans. 

Access to Windows and Mac computers with Internet, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader and assistive technologies such as Kurzweil 3000. Please keep in mind that specialty departmental software is available through those specific academic departments (for example: Adobe In Design, SPSS, etc.), and the AT Computer Lab will not have access to these softwares. Contact your department for access to specific software. 
Printing (color and black/white) and scanning is currently available at no cost to the student. Enlarged print is available up to 11 x 17. 

The following technologies are available in the lab, and some software is available for take-home use:

For more information about specific assistive technologies available, visit: Assistive Technology.

Provision of electronic textbooks and accessible documents are provided on an accommodation only basis. The AT Lab staff, to include student staff who are Accessibility Support Assistants, research and work with our resources and publishers to obtain electronic textbooks that can used with text to speech and/or screen reading software.

DRS has organizational memberships with the following resources for obtaining accessible, electronic textbooks: 

To request your textbooks in electronic format, please fill out and submit the Electronic Textbook Request Form.

Proof of Purchase: If you have already purchased your textbooks, you can upload a picture of your receipt or a PDF of an email confirmation at the end of the textbook request form. 

OR, you can forward an email purchase confirmation (example: from Amazon or Chegg) or email a picture of a receipt to:

If you have not purchased your textbooks yet, go ahead and submit the Electronic Textbook Request Form and then our staff will be in contact with you via email regarding the status of your requests and what proof of purchase is necessary. 

Proof of purchase will be necessary when working with our publisher resources or if we need to obtain the book files directly from the publisher. 

If an electronic version of a textbook is not available from our resources, then AT Lab staff contact the publishers and other resources to find an available copy. If all resources have been utilized and an electronic version is not available, then the student will be asked to bring a hardcopy of the textbook to the AT Lab for scanning. This scanning/re-binding process can take 3 to 5 business days to complete once the book is received by staff.

For any questions about obtaining electronic textbooks, please contact:

Depending on accommodations, the following equipment & software loans can include:

Questions? Please contact us at:

Assistive Technology Lab
Disability Resources & Services, Student Commons Building, Suite 2116
(303) 315-3517 |

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