Accommodation Timeline


Accommodation Aide/Assistant

  • Laboratory
  • Student Teaching Setting
  • Internship Setting

3 – 4 Weeks:

  • Before your first lab
  • Before your off-campus teaching
    or internship experience
After registering for the course, contact the DRS Coordinator to review course requirements and the hiring of an aide.

Alternate Format - Textbooks

  • Electronic, accessible format
  • Enlarged Print

2 - 4 Weeks:

  • Before the first class (or)
  • Before you wish to receive the books
After registering for your courses, go to the Accommodate portal and submit the Alternate Format request form.

Alternative Testing – Exams

  • Additional Time
  • Private Room
  • Reader
  • Scribe
  • Use of Calculator
  • Use of Computer
  • Use of Spellchecker
  • Enlarged Print or Braille or Electronic
1 – 2 Weeks prior to the exam

Go to the Accommodate portal and follow the instructions to request testing accommodations.

Assistive Technology (AT)

  • Portable devices (reading pens,
    talking calculators)
  • Screen Reading Program
  • Text Enlargement
  • Voice Recognition System
1 – 2 Weeks prior to the exam

After accommodations are approved, contact the AT Lab staff for an appointment regarding assistive technology.


Deaf/HOH Services

  • Interpreters (PSE, ASL, SE)
  • Captionists (CART)
4 - 6 Weeks before first class

After registering for your courses, provide your class schedule to the Director along with your communication preferences for each class. 

Confirmation of interpreter or captionist will be provided to you as soon as the information is available.

Notetaking Services
1 Week before first class

Go to the Accommodate portal and follow the instructions to submit a request for peer notetaker services. 

Special Furniture

  • Table
  • Padded Chair
  • Adjustable Table or Desk

1 Week before first class


After attending the first week of class

Submit your class schedule to the front desk staff and identify which classrooms require special furniture and identify the type of furniture.


Disability Resources and Services

CU Denver

Student Commons Building

1201 Larimer Street


Denver, CO 80204


Fax (303) 315-3515

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